DIY Christmas Donut Gift

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This DIY Christmas Donut Gift is the perfect last-minute gift, or neighbor Christmas gift!

Attach the cute free printable Christmas donut tags to a dozen donuts, or package them individually and spread some Christmas cheer!

A tall image of the finished DIY Christmas Donut Gift.
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Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday! There’s so much joy, and excitement, and the closer it gets to Christmas, the more the air just seems to tingle in anticipation.

I use this as an excuse to give as many gifts to as many people as I can! The mailman, the neighbors, friends, teachers, Secret Sisters – all the gifts at Christmastime!

Christmas gifts don’t have to be elaborate to be thoughtful and to leave an impact and show people they’re loved and thought of. This cute DIY Christmas Donut Gift is an excellent way to make someone’s morning special!

If you like this donut Christmas gift, you should also check out the regular non-holiday donut thank you gift that you can use any time of the year!

How do you make this DIY Christmas Donut Gift?

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

Overhead view of the DIY Christmas Donut Gift printable tags that say "We donut know what we'd do without you".
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You will need:

Free Printable:
Christmas Donut Tags

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    Step 2: Print and cut your Christmas donut gift tags.

    Closeup of the finished DIY Christmas Donut Gift.
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    When you print out your donut gift tags for Christmas, they will print six-to-a-page, as shown above. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut along the red circle.

    Pro Tip: Print out these tags on cardstock for the best results. Regular paper is too flimsy and will bend and wrinkle easily making your gift look cheap.

    Step 3: Attach the tags to your donuts.

    The finished DIY Christmas Donut Gift surrounded by donuts.
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    How you attach your tags will depend on what kind of donut gift you’re giving! There are a lot of donut-themed ideas you could go with, but here are some donut gift ideas you can use:

    • Dozen. Buy a box of a dozen donuts and attach the gift tag to the box.
    • Individual. This works great if you’re giving out multiple of these to employees, neighbors, teachers etc. I put mine in little party favor cellophane bags (you can find these in the party favor section of most big box stores), and attached the tag to the bags using a hole punch and ribbon.
    • Gift Card. Attach this tag to a gift card to an awesome donut shop.
    • Make Them. Use a good Christmas donut recipe and bake your own to give away!
    • Donut Item or Toy. Give a donut themed gift like a shirt, pillow, toy etc if actual donuts aren’t a good idea!

    This is such a fun way to give donuts at Christmastime and to remind someone they’re valued and you’re happy they’re in your life!

    Want more DIY gift ideas?

    Give this easy DIY Christmas Donut Gift to anyone at Christmastime to put a little joy in their day! The free printable tags make it so quick!

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