How to make Clear Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments + 5 Creative DIY Ideas

Shannon Cairns

December 16, 2021


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Here’s a simple and easy way to make clear glass ball ornaments for your Christmas tree! From artsy techniques to snowmen and skill-building activities, there are plenty of creative ways for your kids to fill and embellish these clear ornaments.

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Using inexpensive clear glass balls (or plastic ones) to make ornaments for our Christmas decor is a fun activity I enjoy doing with my kids. I love how you can turn a clear ornament into something magical that you can display at home.

The best thing about this is that the possibilities are endless because you can fill these in so many ways! Amazing, right?

They are totally easy to do, and the art techniques are very uncomplicated so you can really get your creative juices flowing with this one. Your young ones will enjoy filling in these ornaments because kids love dropping things into things.

These Christmas clear glass balls can be utilized in other ways as well, it can be a fun, interactive game that your kids can play with year after year too.

Get your craft supplies out and let’s start making these adorable ornaments made from clear glass balls!

Clear Ornament Crafts for Kids to Make

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Snowman Clear Glass Ornaments

Kids of all ages will be entertained by these adorable snowmen ornaments. Simply fill the clear ball with white material, I love using cotton for this, but you can also get artificial snow, and decorate the outside with a snowman’s face!

Glitter Ornaments

Have you ever seen those glittery Christmas balls at the mall? If I tell you that it’s very possible to make your own personalized version of that, would you be as excited to make these as I am? Assemble a gorgeous glitter ornament using glitter and hairspray! Who would know that hairspray will be the star of the show with this craft?

Just spray the clear ball with hairspray then dust the glitters with the color of your choice. Yay! Your own version of a glitter ornament. With the help of your babies too.

Simple and Clear Holiday Ornaments

If some of these crafts are too complicated or messy for you, you can try making a straightforward Christmas ornament that your toddlers and preschoolers can construct without any supervision afterward. 

Round up some small Christmas-colored items then have your kids drop them one by one inside the clear glass ball. So simple but makes for a fun, and cute holiday decoration that your kids can show to friends and family when they visit.

Snowman Belly Ornaments

These are almost identical to the snowman ornaments but instead, just place a scarf and buttons on the clear glass ball, put white material inside and you’re done! So easy but so cute.

Sprinkles Ornaments

Get a funnel (or if you don’t have one, a ziplock will work too), some cheap sprinkles from your local store, and a varnish. Just pour the varnish inside the glass ornament until it covers the whole area of the ball, then let your kids spout down the sprinkles and the end result is very amazing!

Crayon Ornament

Cut or break small chunks of the crayon you choose to use, put them inside the ornament, then set your hairdryer on high to heat the glass ball inside. Twirl the ornament to create abstract designs and that’s it! I’m positive that your kids will be amazed at how this ornament will come to life too.

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Holidays are all about fun! I hope these holiday clear glass ball ornaments will make you enjoy this special season even more with your little ones. Nothing screams more festive than these DIY ideas for ornaments that you can hang in your tree or somewhere between your kitchen and dining area. 

This craft is super enjoyable for young adults and kids alike that’s why I wanted to share this with you!

Which one is your favorite?

DIY Clear Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments

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