40+ Thanksgiving Treats for Kids

Shannon Cairns

September 27, 2022

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These Thanksgiving treats for kids are the perfect way to make kids at your Thanksgiving celebration happy! Choose from turkey treats, party favors, and place savers!

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Thanksgiving with kids can be so fun! Setting up the kids table and providing cute little Thanksgiving treats for kids can make it so much more enjoyable for kids.

Make fun themed treats, party favors, and more little treats for kids on Thanksgiving using this list for ideas and inspiration!

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What are some Thanksgiving treat ideas for kids?

Thanksgiving treats for kids can include a lot of things, depending on your needs! Try some of these:

  • Place Settings. Keep fights over who sits where from happening at the kid’s table this Thanksgiving with kid-friendly place settings!
  • Themed Treats. Have some kid-specific treats that are whimsical and fun to make them feel included and excited about food too!
  • Party Favors. Give kids something to take home as a special treat! There’s a lot of really cute options in this list too!

Tips for an awesome Kid’s Table at Thanksgiving:

  • Location. Make sure you can see and hear the kid’s table from the main table, without being able to see and hear TOO well! Let kids enjoy a little fun and freedom, but keep them close enough if they need help or a conflict needs resolved you can catch it early.
  • Activities. Adults are content to eat and talk, and kids are not usually so easily entertained. Use something like these free printable Thanksgiving place mat coloring sheets for kids to keep little hands busy.
  • Tableware. Keep in mind kids will be using the tableware, so you can use paper or plastic dishes to keep things from breaking. Exclude things like knives (even butter knives can be dangerous in the wrong hands), and DO include extra things like napkins for inevitable messes.
  • Tablecloth. Choose something that can get dirty – because it will!

Thanksgiving Treats for Kids

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