24+ Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas

Shannon Cairns

October 30, 2022


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Countdown to Christmas with one of these fun DIY Christmas Advent Calendar ideas! There are ideas for kids and adults and everyone in between!

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If your kids are anything like mine you hear the question, “How many days until Christmas?” several times a week! Counting down the days until Christmas is one of our favorite things to do each year, and there are some awesome ideas on how to make that fun for everyone!

Make one advent calendar for the whole family, or make each person their own unique calendar! There are a TON of free printables and frugal ideas on this list to help you count down to Christmas easily this year.

We try to cut down on as many costs as we can on the holidays (see: How to Have a Debt Free Christmas) without taking away from the magic of Christmas! We found ways to decorate the outside of our house for Christmas on a budget, and try to make as many gifts for friends and family as possible!

Christmas Advent Calendar Fillers Ideas

Who you’re filling an advent calendar for matters! Tailor the gifts to the person, or to match the theme of the advent calendar itself!

  • Kids. Find small items like blind bags, fun size candies, golden dollars and more to put in their calendars.
  • Teens. Teenagers can be tough to find ideas for, but they all love gift cards and money! You can also do small items like keychains, candy, nail polish, hair products, socks, and more!
  • Adults. Adults love advent calendars too! Ideas for fillers are small bottles of alcohol, money, lottery tickets, gift cards, candy, and more!

Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas

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