19 Beans and Rice Recipes to Save Money

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Beans and rice recipes make for some of the most frugal meals around.

We are on a debt free journey, and follow Dave Ramsey’s baby steps to get out of debt.

“Beans and rice, rice and beans!” – Dave Ramsey

Dave always says you need to get on a “beans and rice budget” when you are paying off debt.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all you are allowed to eat is beans and rice!

So, what does it mean then?!

Getting on a “beans and rice” budget, means avoiding restaurants and fast food, and getting on a frugal meal plan so you can reduce your grocery budget.

One of the areas where people tend to overspend the most is on groceries, and food in general.

If you’re looking for literal examples of a “beans and rice, rice and beans” budget meal plan, these recipes for beans and rice dishes and dinners will give you some frugal inspiration!

If nothing else, these beans and rice recipes will show you that there are many different variations of the dish.

Frugal doesn’t have to be boring!

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    Easy Frugal Beans & Rice Recipes

    Instant Pot Red Beans & Rice

    Ham and Bean Crockpot Soup

    Cheesy Mashed Potato and Bean Bake

    Best Vegan Chili Recipe

    Southern Style Chili

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    Country Family Values

    Old Fashioned Pinto Beans

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    Country Family Values

    Homemade Quebec Maple Baked Beans

    Baked Beans with Ground Beef

    Smoky Tomato White Bean Soup

    Pasta e Fagioli (Pasta & Beans)

    Instant Pot Cuban Black Beans

    Navy Bean Soup with Ham

    Brown Rice for Breakfast

    Slow Cooker Rice Pudding

    20-Minute Chicken and Rice Skillet

    Super Easy Ground Beef and Rice Skillet

    Super Fast Vegetable Fried Rice

    Cheesy Chicken Rice Casserole

    Easy Cheesy Tuna & Rice

    Which beans and rice recipe will you add to your frugal meal plan?

    Let me know how I can best help you meal plan on a budget, and save money on food, so you can pay off debt fast!

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